Our Programs

        Born out out of a deep passion to help elevate the lives of those affected by limb loss, our programs assist amputees through the challenges of regaining health and independence by providing support, educational resources, and personalized assistance. 


Support Group

Our support group invites amputees, those facing limb loss, and their family and friends to join us at our monthly meetings. We strive to helps individuals cope with limb loss by providing educational resources, emotional support, and the opportunity to meet others facing similar challenges. 

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 Support- Peer Visitors and MEntors

Our peer visitors and mentors provide support and information to potential, recent, or any amputee in need of help.  A  Peer Visitor assists patients prior or soon after surgery to help them with the beginning of their new journey.  They are certified by the Amputee Coalition and are ready to assist by phone, email, or visiting at home, hospital, or treatment facility. 

For more long term help, you may elect a Mentor for support and guidance.  Mentors have the experience, compassion and knowledge to help during your adjustment to your new norm of living with limb loss. 

Please contact us if you or a loved one would like to receive assistance from our  support team. 

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Together with the Centers for Mobility we have developed the E.A.R. (Education prior to Amputation begins Rehabilitation) Campaign.

The E.A.R. Campaign is designed to educate individuals prior or soon after an amputation. It also provides physicians, medical professionals, and families a simple process for educating and supporting those facing potential or recent limb loss. 

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I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all the doctors
and nurses coming to the meeting to talk to us
— Sandy, Amputee